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Heavy Truck Parts invites the following merchants to join us:
Truck parts suppliers: including domestic and overseas truck parts dealers, truck parts agents, truck products dealers, etc. Product guarantee: the goods must be genuine parts. All the leading heavy truck manufacturers are welcome to join Heavy Truck Parts. As an open platform, Heavy Truck Parts is willing to work with all leading truck dealers to build the first vertical truck parts e-commerce platform in China. The platform focuses on aftermarket heavy truck products and provides network trade. Join Hotline: 400-668-1635 Manager Li: 15611901630 Address: No.4, Changtong Rd, Zhangziying Town, Daxing District, Beijing.
1. If you want to cooperate with us or apply for a friend link, please send an email to 2. Or call the unified service hotline 400-0165-135 of Heavy Truck Parts, and there will be the marketing staff connecting with you for negotiating a detailed cooperation plan. 3. Note: requirements for a friend link to the site:   1) there is no cheating on the website
        2) homepage/link page PR is not less than 3.
        3) the text link of this website has been added.
4. Complete and true contact person, contact information and other information. 5. healthy content 6. Websites including the following information are unsuitable for links to Heavy Truck Parts: 7. Promoting or containing pornographic content 8. Promoting or containing violent content 9. Promoting or containing defamatory or insulting content 10. Promoting discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age, or the implementation of such discriminatory behaviours. 11. Promoting or engaging in illegal activities 12. Other violations of intellectual property rights

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