Shaanxi Automobile Group Co.,Ltd. (referred to as Shaanxi Automobile), is headquartered in xi 'an of Shaanxi province, which is formerly known as Shaanxi Automobile Factory. Starting its construction in 1968, the company finished the establishment in 1970, and in the same year, it completed the trial-manufacture of the first "Yan 'an" SX250 heavy military off-road vehicle, which completely ended the army history of "having guns but no vehicle". Since the establishment of the plant, more than 600,000 vehicles have been produced, making a significant contribution to our national defense construction, national economy and social development. The "Yan 'an" heavy military off-road vehicle has participated in the 35th Anniversary, the 50th Anniversary and the 60th Anniversary of National Day military parades, which has been awarded many times by the state council and the Central Military Commission. For more than 40 years, Shaanxi Automobile has developed into one of the domestic large auto enterprise groups, which covers an area of 6.2 million square meters, with a total assets of 29.2 billion yuan, and more than 33,000 employees. The company is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of commercial vehicles and auto parts, relevant automobile service trade and financial business. It is the only designated heavy military off-road vehicles production base for the army reserved after the national selection contrast test, and one of the first automobile export base enterprises. Besides, it is the largest manufacturing enterprise in northwest China and the only new energy commercial vehicle production enterprise. The enterprise comprehensive strength ranks 250 among China's top 500 companies, and ranks 24th among China's top 500 machinery companies. In 2011, there were 120,000 vehicles produced and sold in Shaanxi Automobile, with a total sales revenue of 31 billion yuan, including 100,000 heavy trucks and 10,000 exported vehicles. Its total export volume is at the forefront of the industry. Since 2005, Shaanxi Automobile has promoted the mode of service manufacturing, accelerated technological innovation, fully played the advantages of the university-industry-research cooperation, and improved the independent innovation ability and core competitiveness of the enterprise. A product structure including rich varieties and wind ranges of products has been formed, such as heavy military off-road vehicles, heavy trucks, medium trucks, large and medium-sized buses, light trucks, minivans, new energy vehicles, heavy axles, miniature axles, Cummins engines and auto parts. It owns the independent brands such as Yan 'an, Delong, Aolong, EUEASE, Huashan, Tongjia, etc. In the field of new energy, Shaanxi Automobile has successfully developed new energy automobile products such as the high-powered CNG and LNG gas heavy trucks, CNG and LNG bus chassis, dual-fuel and hybrid electric minicars, and low-speed electric cars. The company has begun to put pure electric terminal tractors and the super version of CNG and LNG tractors on the market in batches. The market share of its natural gas heavy trucks has exceeded 50%, ranking first in China.

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