• Part Name:Turn Signal Lamp
    • Part Code:81.25320.6082
    • Applicable Models:The turn signal lamp is the most important device for the dynamic information of the vehicle, which is installed on the front and rear of the body. Turn on the lamp when the vehicle turns, which provides a guarantee for driving safety. For the safety of
    • Part Name:Side Marker Lamp (with 1250mm electric w
    • Part Code:81.25260.6101
    • Applicable Models:This is a light which flashes when the vehicle encounters slowing down, braking, problems or accidents. Each one is installed on each side. With this kind of light, it is possible to remind passing vehicles in the case of a sudden accident, thus greatly r
    • Part Name:Imported IVECO Truck Part - Right Part o
    • Part Code:5801629858
    • Applicable Models:The outside of the imported IVECO right part of the cab light for heavy trucks adopts the plastic housing, and the inside is equipped with the lamp holder. Installed on the top of the cab interior, the right part of the cab light can be opened when the dr

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