• Part Name:Oxynitride Sensor
    • Part Code:2296799
    • Applicable Models:The Oxynitride sensor is used to induct the urea changes to prevent urea problems which will damage the precision parts of the urea system.
    • Part Name:Urea Hose
    • Part Code:1939987
    • Applicable Models:1. The urea hose is used to connect the urea box and transport the filtered urea to the urea nozzle. 2. Made of high quality rubber, the urea hose will not be corroded by the urea, and has a long service time.
    • Part Name:Urea Filter
    • Part Code:1907422
    • Applicable Models:The urea filter is used to filter impurities out of the urea to prevent damage to precision parts such as the urea nozzle.

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