• Part Name:Imported IVECO Truck Part - Transmission
    • Part Code:28137
    • Applicable Models:Made of high-strength alloy steel, the imported IVECO transmission circlip for heavy trucks has excellent steel resistance which can keep its shape for a long time. The transmission circlip is installed on the first shaft, in charge of positioning rotatab
    • Part Name:Imported IVECO Truck Part - Rotary-knob
    • Part Code:41211133
    • Applicable Models:The imported IVECO rotary-knob valve switch for heavy trucks has aluminum housing, the interior setting up an intake pipeline. It realizes the operation with the air supplied from the whole vehicle's gas circuit. The imported IVECO rotary-knob valve swit
    • Part Name:Imported IVECO Truck Part - Transmission
    • Part Code:98344689
    • Applicable Models:The imported IVECO truck part-transmission select head is made of high strength alloy with elaborate processing. It is installed inside the transmission top cover selection mechanism. The transmission head controls the head to slide through the driver's
    • Part Name:Electronic Sensor
    • Part Code:DL-LG90133-4
    • Applicable Models:1. It has two types of internal structures: the coil type and the hall type. And it is used to record the vehicle mileage and signals from the retarder, installed between the rear of the transmission and the retarder. 2. The sensor is not equipped with a
    • Part Name:Bus Transmission Fork Bar Rocker
    • Part Code:1085302048
    • Applicable Models:It is made of 45 steel, the inner hole has fine teeth, the top is equipped with two M10 holes, and the center distance between the big hole and the small hole is 100-130mm.
    • Part Name:Stop Block
    • Part Code:1312304159
    • Applicable Models:Three pieces in a group, it is used to fix the double cone ring and the inner cone ring of the first and second speeds to prevent them from rotating and affecting the friction during gear shifting.
    • Part Name:synchronizer Pushing Block and Spring
    • Part Code:1311304020-021
    • Applicable Models:1. Made of 20 CrMnTi, it has small deformation, strong fatigue resistance, rigidity and wear resistance. 2. Each machine needs 9 springs, which are used to support the sliding sleeve and change gears conveniently, thus reducing abnormal wear of the syn
    • Part Name:Shift Head
    • Part Code:1272334003
    • Applicable Models:It is made of metallic copper, the color is yellow, and the top of the cylinder is marked with the letter A. It is installed on the shifting fork, two pieces in a group. It is used to shift the sliding sleeve to finish the gear shifting.

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