• Part Name:Differential Assy.
    • Part Code:FHD9512932017001
    • Applicable Models:The automobile differential is an mechanism that makes the left and right (or the front and rear) driving wheels to rotate at different speeds. It is mainly composed of the left and right axle shaft gears, two planetary gears and the gear holder. The func
    • Part Name:Imported IVECO Truck Part - Lubricating
    • Part Code:100865
    • Applicable Models:The imported IVECO lubricating nozzle for heavy trucks is installed in the middle of the transmission shaft universal joint, which is made of alloy material. The interior of the lubricating nozzle is equipped with the non-return valve. The compressor gun
    • Part Name:Scania Differential Yoke
    • Part Code:2148604
    • Applicable Models:1. Connecting the differential and transmission shaft, the Scania differential yoke is used to transmit the power for the differential, so that the vehicle can drive normally. 2. The Scania differential yoke is made of high quality metal which is not ea
    • Part Name:Bolt
    • Part Code:Q151B22100SO
    • Applicable Models:The bolt is used for fixing the steering trapezoidal arm of 7.5 tons of front man axle, and the bolt level is 10.9.
    • Part Name:Oil Seal Seat
    • Part Code:DZ95149320007
    • Applicable Models:
    • Part Name:Front Wheel Oil Seal
    • Part Code:DZ9112347020
    • Applicable Models:1. The front wheel oil seals are installed on disc brakes of the front man axle. 2. The seal surface is marked with HanDe logo, the part number and the plant code.
    • Part Name:Camshaft
    • Part Code:DZ9112340767
    • Applicable Models:1. It is used for the man shaft mine car, and the cam undergoes heat treatment, with high rigidity and wear resistance. 2. The cam is marked with HanDe logo and the supplier code. The left should be distinguished from the right, and they are not in commo
    • Part Name:Hub Oil Seal
    • Part Code:DZ9112340366
    • Applicable Models:1. It is used for man casting axle. 2. The oil seal is marked with HanDe logo, the part number and the plant code.

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