• Part Name:Combination Instrument
    • Part Code:DZ95189582230
    • Applicable Models:The instrument is the interaction interface between man and automobile, providing the driver with necessary information of the automobile running parameters, faults, miles, etc., which is an indispensable part of every vehicle.
    • Part Name:Imported IVECO Truck Part - ECU (Electro
    • Part Code:5801955903
    • Applicable Models:Installed inside the workbench at the lower right side of the vehicle, the imported IVECO ECU for heavy trucks is equipped with multiple fuse installation sites on the surface, and these fuses are mainly in charge of protecting the safety of all electrica
    • Part Name:COO Computer
    • Part Code:2456999
    • Applicable Models:The COO computer coordinates all computers on the vehicle. If other computer problems occur, they will be displayed on the instrument for inspection.

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