• Part Name:Brake Pad Repair Kit
    • Part Code:1535249
    • Applicable Models:1. The brake pad reduces the vehicle speed by friction. 2. The brake pad adopts wear-resistant materials to make it have a longer service life.
    • Part Name:Scania Brake Adjuster
    • Part Code:1865747
    • Applicable Models:1. The Scania brake adjuster is used to adjust and correct the braking position when the brake friction lining is worn, and there are two kinds of automatic adjustment and manual adjustment. 2. Made of high quality steel, the Scania brake adjuster is not
    • Part Name:Scania Brake Shoe Bracket
    • Part Code:1737789
    • Applicable Models:1. The Scania brake shoe bracket is used to fix the brake shoe to ensure the normal operation of the braking system. 2. The brake shoe bracket is made of synthetic metal, not easy to be damaged, and its long service life will reduce the maintenance cost.

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