• Part Name:ABS Sensor
    • Part Code:4410328090
    • Applicable Models:ABS Sensor is a device generating induced voltage by magnetic flux changes, installed respectively on each wheel. The sensor generates AC signals by inducting speeds of the ring gear of the wheel and transmits them to the ABS electronic control unit. The
    • Part Name: ABS Solenoid Valve
    • Part Code:4721950180
    • Applicable Models:The WABCO ABS solenoid valve is installed in the braking system, connecting to the brake chamber. The common configurations include four sensors with three or four solenoid valves, six sensors with four or six solenoid valves. In the working process of AB
    • Part Name:ABS control module
    • Part Code:4460043200
    • Applicable Models:The working principle of the ABS control module (ECU) is below. the gear ring and the sensor cooperates to generate induction AC signals which are transmitted to the electronic control unit ECU. ECU receives and processes signals from the sensor and tran
    • Part Name:EBS Proportional Relay Valve
    • Part Code:4802020040
    • Applicable Models:The proportional relay valve is used to adjust the pressure of the front axle. It is composed of the proportional solenoid valve, the pressure sensor and the relay valve, controlled by the control unit. The current value produced by the control unit, duri
    • Part Name:EBS Brake Master Cylinder
    • Part Code:4800020220
    • Applicable Models:The brake signal transmitter drives the brake system to brake by generating electrical signals and air signals. The brake contains two electrical circuits and two air circuits. And there are two switches on the brake which are switched off when braking. O
    • Part Name:EBS Rear Axle Module
    • Part Code:4801040090
    • Applicable Models:The rear axle module is used to control and adjust the pressure of the trailer connection. It consists of the proportional solenoid valve, the relay valve and the pressure sensor. The control unit controls the pressure of the trailer connection by the pro
    • Part Name:EBS Middle Axle Module
    • Part Code:4801040070
    • Applicable Models:The middle axle control module is used to control the brake pressure on both sides of the axle. It consists of two separate control circuits (channels A and B), each containing an input and output solenoid valve, relay valve and pressure sensor. Both chan
    • Part Name:ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
    • Part Code:4461350410
    • Applicable Models:ECU supervises and controls the entire brake system. It receives the brake signal transmitted by the brake signal transmitter, calculates the braking force of the front axle, the middle axle, the rear axle and the trailer according to the brake signal, an

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