• Part Name:SCB_Rear Leaf Spring Front Bracket
    • Part Code:SZ952000899
    • Applicable Models:The leaf spring bracket is the connecting device between the leaf spring and the suspension, ensuring the stability of the connection between the frame and the leaf spring.
    • Part Name:Junction Plate
    • Part Code:DZ15221440295
    • Applicable Models:Connecting the cab hydraulic lock and the suspension, the junction plate is used to make two separated components connected as a whole structure.
    • Part Name:Imported IVECO Truck Part - Rear U-Bolt
    • Part Code:42125776
    • Applicable Models:The imported IVECO rear U-bolt for heavy trucks is made of high-strength alloy steel, installed on the rear leaf spring of the vehicle. The rear U-bolt is mainly in charge of connecting the rear leaf spring and the leaf spring seat, which has good tensile
    • Part Name:Imported IVECO Truck Part - Leaf Spring
    • Part Code:500431262
    • Applicable Models:Made of high strength steel wires, the imported IVECO leaf spring safety cable for heavy trucks is installed between the frame and the leaf spring for effective protection. When the vehicle gets a severe jolt in the process of driving, the leaf spring saf
    • Part Name:Imported IVECO Truck Part - Fifthwheel
    • Part Code:504025426
    • Applicable Models:The imported IVECO fifthwheel is made of alloy steel, and is installed in the front of the vehicle by the spiral form. It has very high tensile strength. When the vehicle is in need of a trailer or traction, the traction equipment of the trailer can be fi
    • Part Name:Position Sensor
    • Part Code:4410500110
    • Applicable Models:According to the load size of the vehicle, the position sensor produces current signals and transmits them to the control unit, which controls the air intake, exhaust, and pressure maintaining of the solenoid valve, and sensitively controls the amount of
    • Part Name:Leveling Valve
    • Part Code:4640060020
    • Applicable Models:Leveling valves, also known as air suspension valves, are used to control the height of air suspension vehicles. According to the load size of the vehicle, it is sensitive to regulate compressed air in the air suspension airbag. The leveling valve not onl

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