• Part Name:Scania Coolant Pump
    • Part Code:570965
    • Applicable Models:1. The coolant pump's task is to circulate the coolant in the cooling system. 2. The coolant pump is made of high quality metal to be corrosion-resistant and not easy to age.
    • Part Name:Release Bearing
    • Part Code:2164195
    • Applicable Models:With the cooperation with the clutch disc, the release bearing can realize the coupling and separation of the clutch disc, so as to control gears of the vehicle.
    • Part Name:Scania Brake Shoe Bracket
    • Part Code:1737789
    • Applicable Models:1. The Scania brake shoe bracket is used to fix the brake shoe to ensure the normal operation of the braking system. 2. The brake shoe bracket is made of synthetic metal, not easy to be damaged, and its long service life will reduce the maintenance cost.
    • Part Name:Power Steering Filter
    • Part Code:153468
    • Applicable Models:1. Filter impurities out of the oil to prevent damage to the steering system. 2. Use high quality filter paper to filter oil better and more safely.
    • Part Name:Scania Coolant(5L)
    • Part Code:1894323
    • Applicable Models:1. The Scania special coolant is a special liquid that provides functions of heating and cooling for the Scania vehicles. 2. The Scania coolant is made specially based on the driving conditions of Scania vehicles, which provides the best cooling system f
    • Part Name:Scania Oil Catcher
    • Part Code:1846136
    • Applicable Models:The Scania oil catcher provides fuel for the engine to keep the engine working properly. It absorbs the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine and sends the extra fuel back to the tank.
    • Part Name:Scania Clutch
    • Part Code:2082082
    • Applicable Models:1. The Scania clutch control device is a full-automatic intelligent gear control system, which controls the clutch slave pump in an electrical way. 2. The vehicle has no clutch pedal because The Scania clutch control device is an intelligent gear system.
    • Part Name:Scania Differential Yoke
    • Part Code:2148604
    • Applicable Models:1. Connecting the differential and transmission shaft, the Scania differential yoke is used to transmit the power for the differential, so that the vehicle can drive normally. 2. The Scania differential yoke is made of high quality metal which is not ea

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